The Queen


She is noble and delicate, yet strong in her higher connection, in focus with her soul purpose.


Old Friends


These two are old friends. They have a deep connection and give each other a sense of joy and celebration, support and love. They hold each other in acceptance and many smiles.


Angel holding infant child            


The Angel steps in when humanity fails its most precious gift, its children. All children as well as the children within the adults that mankind fails, find comfort in the arms of this angel.



Baba Dunja


Inspired from the book about an old woman who returns to her home near Chernobyl. She goes back to the home she loves, the place that formed her life. She lives with a fierce love for what she feels is right, and respects the life forms around her. She moves through her life with inner authority, frugality, commitment and compassion for others. 




 This is about being at the cusp of life. The bud is alive but about to transform into a higher expression of life, it is about to bloom. While making this bud my attention was on this process in human form and what situations mirror the bud as we evolve throughout life.


Child and the Bear


This is about the united strengths of the bear and the child. The bear is powerful with a strong earth connection, she represents protection and care. The child is innocent and curious to explore. On the back of the bear the world can be explored in safety.


Christmas Song


These three figurs represent the spirit of Christmas. The tree shines light (candle inside) between the male and female carollers, These figures are about light and song.


Posture of  the Conscious Self


This woman stands confidently  with arms kept closed, her gaze assuring you she is not disengaged but aware. Her purse in royal colors rests on her hip which is significant to her story of who she is, how and where she stands in society.


Buffalo and Spirit


The buffalo is large,  seemingly heavy and cumbersome but the spirit of the buffalo is very fine and wise.  Look into the eye of the buffalo and hear the whisper of freedom and love, fine and endless like the prairie sky.




The angel and the boy sit together in play. They seem to be building as blocks of color are passed back and forth. The boy  is being heard, seen and encouraged by his angel friend.  There is a sense of peace, like the angel has all the time for the boy that the boy needs. And besides that, they are just having a great time together.