This collage turned out to be a bit of a lesson on colour and light. In this vibrational life span all 

colours are present, repeating, resonating intricately (so much more than we are often aware of)

while embedded in the undercurrent of life itself. All life is here, and yet there is an opening beyond.

How could there be more than this life with all the vibration and colour flowing and beaming in such

abundance? And yet there is an opening that tells of something more, probably more vast than any

mind here could comprehend. 

A friend of mine saw this picture and called it "lichtwurzeln", or roots of light. I think that this  is

quite fitting a title for all that this picture depicts.

Here the focus is again on the inner teacher,  but the focus is more on what this may feel like in a personal way. When entered and in connection with our higher selves,  it is a delicate feeling. Soft color currents that weave and flow, bright beautiful hues that are like an endless sky. Love just is. As delicate as this connection is, the information, though perhaps whispered, is absolute and clear. Moments in this kind of room are nourishing and brightening in every way.